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A lightweight browser extension that makes your new tab a collaborative workspace for you and your team
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Virtual bulletin board

How does your team stay aligned on new processes, protocols, updates, decisions or even know they exists in the first place? Sametab helps you with just that.  Sametab lightweight browser extension provides a reliable way streamline relevant updates to the browser's new tab of teams or departments.

Company-wide announcements

Team or Department updates

Streamline new processes, procedures or surveys

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Time zones & quicklinks

Local time zones helps you keep track of where your teams are and when they are available. Bookmarks are company-wide quicklinks. Users can access to them using the main new tab search or by clicking on the pinned to the right. Use them make important internal resources easy to find and consume.

Add unlimited time zones

Up to 10 pinned bookmarks

Analytics about what are the most clicked resources

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Search across resources

Sametab Search lets you search across thousands of resources, whether it’s your company bookmarks or your private local bookmarks. Improve your workflow by keeping Google Docs, Confluence pages, Airtable sheets, Notion sections, Dropbox files, GitHub repos or Zendesk macros at your arm’s length.

Unlimited searchable bookmarks

Analytics about what are the most searched queries

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Custom quotes

Sametab custom quotes give you a fresh dose of inspiration that’s personal and tailored to your organization. Quotes let you display a custom internal quote each time a new tab is opened. You can customize them with messages coming from your leadership team or tweets from your customers.

Unlimited quotes

Customize quotes with links

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Do some of your team member feel more comfortable with the Google Chrome Default view? Sametab lets them pick the theme they love. NO matter what themes they’re using, you’ll be able to share and display updates across their new tab.

Your custom company theme

Google Chrome theme

Landscape theme (new every week)

Full Browser Compatibility

Google Chrome

Enhanced every week with improvements and new optimizations.

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We work with amazing companies

In the age of abundance of information, your ability to create signal from the noise by quickly zeroing in on the most valuable and relevant content creates a competitive advantage. Join the 200+ companies relying on Sametab for internal communication.

"Sametab is our single most-used app and it has transformed the way we stay on the same page both as a company and as a team."

VP Marketing

– VP Ops at Leading Financial Services Firm

"We don't use internal email anymore. That's it. Everything that matters to our business is always shared on Sametab. It reduces noise and brought sanity back to all our inboxes."

Ludic VP

– Internal Ops at Multinational Real Estate Organization

"As a distributed team we have to streamline lots of internal newsletters and updates to keep everyone up to date. Sametab was the missing puzzle to ease that pain."

Ludic VP

– Talent Operation at Tech Organization

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