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Introducing Sametab Search and more

There’s a lot to be excited about in this update of Sametab. This new update involved a lot of in-depth work from the entire Sametab team and touched lots of part of our product. We’re super proud of the work and we’d love to share the what and the why of this release. In this article, we’ll walk you through the new Sametab Search and all the other updates that we’ve made to the product. We’ll also be talking about what’s coming ahead in the next few months.

On to the update.

Sametab Search Update

Search bar

We heard from many of you that pinned bookmarks worked well, but to some extent, they were too limited. You asked for a way to add more than a few links and make your internal resources accessible and more discoverable to your entire organization. To solve this issue we built a search bar that acts as your company resources entry point. In this new version of Sametab, you will be able to search across thousands of internal relevant resources from a single point.

Company Bookmarks

Sametab Admins can update quick links across hundreds of laptops immediately making internal resources much more discoverable and accessible to everyone in their organization. Company bookmarks can be easily identified by a title and a description.

Personal Bookmarks

We wanted to make Sametab more useful also on an individual level. Sametab’s search bar includes by default personal bookmarks. The new extension asks for permissions to the personal bookmarks you already have in your Chrome Browser. We planned an option on the user’s side to deactivate this functionality. More on this soon.


We learned that announcements for many of you tend to be critical pieces of information that you want to be accessible and referencable at any time. Announcements – like bookmarks – will also be discoverable from the new tab’s search bar. Anyone in your organization can search for them by title or description. Announcements are automatically ordered by publish date so that you find the most relevant resources first in your search results.

That’s just the beginning. We are designing new ways to bring announcements to a whole new level both from a writing and a reading standpoint.


Quotes are a simple yet powerful way to disseminate your workplace with little pieces of information that you wish your team members knew or cared about. Each time a team member opens a new tab, a new randomly selected quote will be shown below the search bar. Quotes can be related to the visions or the mission of your organization, love-tweets from your customers, feedback from your users, shout-outs from your team members, motivational sentences or anything else. Quotes can also be linked to a specific resource.

While our focus will be reserved for Announcements, you expect some improvements to the Quotes section in the next month.

Workspace features

We added a few improvements also to the admin section of Sametab. The entire admin interface is now much more consistent with your workspace application interface.

New Tab Configuration

This new section will help you with everything you need to configure and maintain up to date your company browser new tab. Including bookmarks, quotes, timezones, and general settings. From this new section, you can edit your new tab logo, the accent color of your search bar, your default theme and more.

Workspace Configuration

From now on you’ll find all your workspace settings under the left menu voice Settings. From this section, you’ll be able to edit your workspace name and logo and the email domains allowed to automatically join your workspace.

Corollary releases & updates this week

This week we released a few important updates also on our public website. We introduced our blog. The Sametab Blog aims to provide insights and analysis on the future of work. Other than Product Updates, we’ll be talking about the impact of communication on your workplace, asynchronous communication, hiring, team management techniques, frameworks for remote teams. If you’re a founder, a manager of a remote team or you’re just curious about the future of work, you’ll find lots of value on what we’ll be writing about here in the future weeks. You can read here our introductory article or sign up here to get our essays straight to your inbox.

In parallel, we built a dedicated documentation section on our website to host guides and tutorials to help you get the most out of Sametab. A place for you to check out whether you’re just starting out with our product or need some help on how to use some of the features available.

What’s next: a new center of gravity

Presently, real-time communication tools such as Slack are very popular in business environments and appear to be today’s center of gravity. However, real-time communication apps provide one-message-at-a-time interfaces. While this is fantastic for quickly resolving emergency scenarios, it is awful for meaningful, contextualized communications.

A Post-Slack Era: reimagining internal communication

Keeping your team aligned, motivated and aware of what’s happening in your business require proper contextualization, which is something that real-time tools consistently do not perform.

As Slack and other real-time communication tools have consistently a very low Signal-to-Noise ratio, the increasingly difficult challenge that we’re noticing is in how organizations stay on the same page on the things that matter. We believe important messages, updates, and announcements are what helps you and your team to cultivate thoughtfulness, minimize the amount of re-expression needed for shared ideas, encourage everyone to communicate in ways that value the time and effort of others.

With this in mind we’ll keep adding features to allow you to express well-thought out communications, meaningful prioritization and a centralized business context. We believe that these are the things that ultimately help you design the context your organization needs to stay aligned, organized and motivated. These are the things that define the heartbeat of your company.

Thank you note

We’d like to thanks all our customers who helped shape the product. In particular thanks to Phil, Ross, Jonathan, Drew and Julia whose consistent feedback helped us shape this feature release.

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