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Operations and Internal Communication Strategies For Effective CEOs

Most of us are wired to believe that if we say something, those who hear us will just naturally execute it exactly as we had envisioned it in the first place. If only managing people were that easy. In reality, just because you said, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. Without providing the right direction, determination, and ongoing communication about the context of the work to be done, the chances of actually observing the result you envisioned are very low.The fundamental premise is that success is achieved not when the CEO thinks something is important, but when everyone thinks it is..

Understanding the Media of Internal Communication

This one will be all about understanding all the different nuances of media used for internal communications. When I say nuances, I'm not talking about features, I'm referring to the implications, the incentives, and ultimately the consequences of using one tool or a particular set of tools versus the other. In other words, this is going to be a long, detailed dissertation into the details of how and why internal communication happens.